week 33


Mon: Xenius’ diet plainly put is, have breakfast as a king, lunch as a princess and dinner as a beggar.

Tue: Timbuktu fabled library is finally reached by Alice Morrison on her road trip from Bamako to the Niger river shores.

Wed: Antoine de St. Exupery’s life as an aviator adventurer partly explains his literary oeuvre painting with words endless blue skies.

Thu: 3D-printing is all the hype but, is there any substance behind? Time will tell.



week 32


Mon: Xenius made the case for a connection between heart disease and state of mind, including depression.

Wed: We did not know that the travails of Mata Hari with the German attache at the Madrid embassy during World War I were her undoing.

Thu: Yves Saint Laurent fascinating 40 fashion design seasons (from 1962 to 2002) show his ease at drawing sketches of haute couture … that others had to materialize to exact precision.

Fri: The stagiritas of Georgia’s mountainous interior made their appearance on Ch4 reporter hike across the Caucasus.

week 31


Mon: Xenius explained the subject of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics, the discovery of gravitational waves.

Tue: Jardins etonnants sent us to Melbourne to ponder on the continent in miniature imagery that the Cranbourne garden grounds are imbued.

Wed: We learn that in the Ardenne department castagne production includes a specialty flour based on it. A new ingredient to try soon in our cuisine.

Thu: “From Tangier to Timbuktu” caravan trip gave us a quick glimpse at the beauty of the snow-capped Atlas mountains in winter, staying at ancient caravanserai like in Tamanart (Taroudannt province, Morocco).

Fri: “From Russia to Iran” wild man walk took him across Dagestan, from Agni to Derbent, via Gunib and Chokh where the vistas from a deserted village atop of a cliff blew our minds away.

week 30


Mon: RAI Overland 14 Caucaso series reaches Azerbaijan and climbs to the Lezgin village of Khinalug up in the mountains along the border with Dagestan, almost opposite to Kurush.

Tues: RAI Overland 14 Caucaso team finally gets to cross into Chechnya and visit the Kharachoy village, next to lake Kezenoyam at the border with Dagestan.

Wed: RT 20 years independence of Armenia report can be described with one statistic: 3 million armenians in Armenia; 10 million abroad.

Thu: RT 20 years independence of Azerbaijan report can be described with one event: “the contract of the century” (the sale of oil drilling rights to western companies).

Fri: Moya-Planeta tour of Dagestan included a tight rope walk…




week 29


Mon: Xenius suggest a more environmental friendly house cleaner spray based on citric acid rather than vinegar or bleach.

Tue: Derbent tourist route, mainly along the citadel-castle and ancient mosque, are worth their UNESCO world heritage status.

Wed: The Don cossacks horse breed is still very much alive and used for acrobatic pirouettes by extremely physically fit young riders.


week 28


Mon: Xenius harvests salt on the plains of la Camargue. But how unhealthy are those microwaveable TV dinner plates full of NaCl?

Tue: RT reported on the Buddhist renaissance in the republic of Kalmykia and the chess madness of Elista’s youth.

Wed: An amateurish travelogue by a couple of angelinos meandering by Azerbaijan main sights showed the megalomany of its former president Heydar Aliyev and the rather liberal capital, Baku, in a mainly Shia country bordering Iran.

Thu: A summer re-run of Dimbleby’s Russia documentary focused on the Caucasus is a reminder on how different things look once you have had first hand experience… Ahhh, that black soil!

Fri: RAI overland team starts their Caucasian odyssey visiting the isolated tower village of Ushguli in the upper Svanetia province, Georgia’s mountainous heartland.


week 27


Mon: What made H. sapiens separate from other hominids? Xenius claims is the successful compromise between a baby’s brain size and the female pelvis ability to expand at birth.

Tue: Sarah McKenzie trip to Armenia leads us to discover the zhingyalov flat bread.

Wed: Uwe Johnson upbringing, from Nazi Germany to Communist DDR and later defection to west Berlin, gave him a peculiar angle to describe his impressions on American society after a two year long stay in the poor but cosmopolitan north-west Manhattan of the late ’60s.

Thu: How does the biggest milk cow farm in Russia get to be run by a german entrepreneur? Blame the collateral damage from EU economic sanctions…

Fri: Russian Travel Guide TV channel reporter explored the legends of Adygea by climbing its peaks, exploring its caves, and kayaking the river gorges.