week 16


Mon: Xenius explored the inextricable link between voice and identity in humans.

Tue: Al-Jazeera traveled to Dagestan to witness the efforts of a senior karate master in training and winning the hearts and minds of the youth … while keeping them out of social turmoil.

Wed: Jardins d’ici anchor walks thru Seville’s 19th-century Maria Luisa park, exceedingly verdant thanks to the Guadalquivir river.

Thu: “Yes, Ve-Gan” documentary is a portrait of the excesses of market capitalism on the, largely healthy and sane, vegetarian diet.

Fri: ZDF stupendous aerial views caught the perfect frames of wild life roaming the North Caucasus mountains, Kalmykian steppes and Dagestani dunes… can’t wait!


week 15


Mon: Xenius exhorted the benefits of a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts anyone?

Tue: Enquetes archeologiques sent us back to the source, Troy. Where else!

Wed: RT James Brown clown walked around North Ossetia Vladikavkaz capital and the towers of the city of the dead in Dargavs.

Thu: Jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs displayed the grandeur of Porto’s Mateus domaine: baroque palace, church, winery and fountain gardens.

Fri: NHK american cyclist Jodo biked his way up the hills of Ehime island in springtime, meeting 90 year old ladies having a post-breakfast siesta…

week 14


Mon: Xenius tackles the “Dementia Numerique”. What if all that e-learning is constraining kids mental development?

Tue: RT “Meeting with Nature” series shows the wild fauna of North Ossetia Alaniya park.

Wed: Enquetes Arqueologiques travels to the Australian archipelago of Dampier to document the rapidly degrading Aboriginal petroglyphs.

Thu: The stone garden of Buddhist Daitoku-ji temple in Kyoto is the quintessence for Zen meditation.

Fri: Curative uses of plants in South America by Guaranis in Misiones province (Argentina) or Quechuas in northern Peru is readily available in local markets. It is a knowledge worth keeping.

week 13


Mon: Xenius explicated how to improve our fascia (connective tissue) with the hope of postponing aches and pains.

Wed: “Faces of Russia” took us to meet the Abazin minority in Cherskessk, the capital of the republic of Karachai-Cherkessia, with their peculiar language so rich in fricative phonology.

Thu: Enquetes archeologiques landed in the so-called Japanese Pompeii, the town of Ichijodani buried by volcanic ashes 400 years ago.

Fri: Le jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs presented the magic of Bali with views of the last king’s floating gardens known as Taman Ujung .


week 12


Mon: From cradle to cradle, the ideal of zero-waste or circular economy, was examined by Xenius reporters. If Paris can do it…

Tue: The gardens, with its fountains and cascade, at Peterhof palace in St. Petersburg facing the gulf of Finland have a very Versailles flavor.

Wed: “Faces of Russia” introduced us to the Adygeans and their tradition of bride kidnapping.  Also a look at the Terek river delta reserve surprised us by its biodiversity.

Thu: The ruins of Tiahuanaco on the shores of lake Titicaca and the initial under water findings by a young archeologists promise to re-write our impressions of this ancient people’s relations with the Incas.

Fri: Entomophagy anyone? Cricket flour could be a palatable alternative to the unsustainable red meat addiction of western societies.