week 44


Tue: Beyond beauty, Taiwan from above showed the astonishing natural marvels of the formosa island and the unfortunate man-made ecological disasters.

Wed: Jardins Orientaux took us on a tour of Jordan, Lebanon Egypt and Saudi Arabia where the mega-city capitals are in dire need of green areas.

Thu: La route de la soie stopped by Samarkand and finally a true east-west melange of physiognomies was visible all around.

Fri: The immortal cypress tree of Tule in Oaxaca is worth of awe.



week 43


Tue: Jardins Orientaux took us to the Mughal times in Indian history sightseeing Agra, Lahore, Jaipur and Delhi.

Wed: We were reminded that the impossible dancing abilities of Fred Astaire are the product of hard work, sprezzatura at its best.

Thu: On the silk road we stopped at Bukhara to marvel at its walls, mosques and minaret towers as well as the unveiled women…

Fri: A very nourishing Dasheri mango tree in Uttar Pradesh (India) brought back images of our trips to Brazil and Fiji.


week 42


Mon: Aerial yoga practice is all the rage for relief of back pain and other maladies coming from our modern office life style.

Tue: The private gardens of Marrakesh villas are true oasis of verdure and serenity in the middle of a crowded city and desertic environment.

Wed: Portable Bolex motion picture cameras were the Leicas of film making back in the ’60s.

Thu: Zoroastrian worshipers in the ancient Persian city of Yazd along the Silk road represent a visible minority in mainly Shia modern Iran.

Fri: The sacred tree of the orthodox christian of Aksum in Ethiopia functions as a civil location where disputes among neighbors over land rights or sheep grazing locations can be settle amicably.


week 41


Mon: Google doing evil invading users privacy and hackers encrypting hard drive disks for ransom are reasons for concern according to the Xenius team.

Tue: La Alhambra gardens and others in the region show the long imprint of Arab and North African cultures in Al-Andalus.

Wed: Saudi Arabian poetess Hissa Hilal is a striking example of the unreasonableness of uncritical maintenance of yesteryear’s traditions.

Thu: Recently renovated Tabriz bazaar and caravanserai in East Azerbaijan province is a must-see for a traveller along the new Silk Road.

Fri: Sequoia tree story of Julia Butterfly’s 700 plus days hanged on its top to protect the Redwoods forest from loggers in northern California makes the specimen a truly immortal arbre.


week 40


Mon: Xenius chases after the elusive wild cat reintroduced in Germany’s preserved areas.

Tue: “Gardens of the Orient” stops in Iran with highlights from the oasis cities of Kashan, Isfahan and, Shiraz.

Wed: The book “pulse of life” presents the all important nutritional value of pulses (mainly legumes).

Thu: A new take on the “silk road”, starting in Venice and going through Edirne, Istanbul and Bursa. A long way to go…

Fri: “Tree histories”  final European example came from France with a millenarian evergreen tree pair by the graveyard of a village church. No doubt the spot was already venerated during shamanic times.

week 39


Mon: Severe septicemia is cause for drastic medical intervention since it is deadly in hours.

Tue: The druids are alive and well around a millenarian oak tree in rural England.

Wed: Insectivores in Sardinia gorge in cheese full of worms.

Thu: Jakarta turns out to be another Mumbai…


week 38


Mon: Xenius ponders the low glycemic index benefits of whole grain flour in bread.

Tue: The Arkadia park gardens in Poland with a purpose built ruined house makes the surrounding greenery truly romantic.

Wed: The insectivore chefs are drifting thru Japan pursuing the eggs and larvae of wasp and hornet bees taken straight from their nests…

Fri: Kuala Lumpur shines with its mixture of malay, indian and chinese communities.