week 3


Mon: Archiving in the electronic era plus how to dispose of e-waste are yet unsolved issues. How many back-up CDs turn out to be unreadable in a few years? How many of the broken and trashed electronics from Europe resurface in the street markets of Ghana or Nigeria after minor fixing?

Tue: Sarah, on her take two of Vietnam, shows us the central coast where harvesting tiny lobsters in a very shallow bay using semi-spherical woven bamboo tug boats or collecting algae (kelp?) to prepare salads and boil for tea are the way of life for coastal dwellers.

Wed: A tribute to the late Jean Christoph Victor, writer of “les dessous des cartes”, makes clear how maps express the sad reality of geopolitics in our world choking with wall borders.

Thu: The transoceanic bus reaches Cuzco, base camp for accessing the tourist trap of Machu Picchu…

Fri: Joanna Lumley’s tournee of Japan starts in Hokkaido, the least populated and most forested island of the archipelago. Worth considering a visit to Sapporo, but not in winter!


week 2


Mon: Xenius told me about the differences in feet fingers length: the Egyptian pattern versus the Roman or the Greek.

Tue: Sarah went to Vietnam to find the perfect recipe for the spring rolls and ate a Lotus flower plant root.

Wed: NHK African dream series portrayed the South Africa right before the 2010 football world cup. With an open border policy with Zimbabwe, the huge disparity in wealth (~300%) creates challenging issues of opportunities and risks for migrant workers.

Thu: The “Transoceanica” bus odyssey crosses from Brazil to Peru, after a day spent in border paperwork. The damage caused by illegal gold mining in and around Puerto Maldonado makes the town to be renamed Puerto Abandonado.




week 1


Mon: ARTE Xenius series gave me pause to realize how narrow are the atmospheric conditions where humans can survive, let alone thrive.

Tues: Sarah Weiner during her Asian cuisine exploration tackles the sushi and sashimi subtleties as brought forward by the soy sauce condiment.

Wednes: NHK African Dream portraits the mixed blessing of raw materials exploitation in Botswana, Uganda and Tanzania. Even De Beers was forced to move its diamond trading center from London to Gaborone.

Thurs: The bus on the “Transoceanica” highway from Rio to Lima went through Rondonia’s wild west, where locals have to block the road burning tyres to draw the government’s attention to the lack of running water or electrical supply.

Fri: On the mummies found in the Taklamakan desert along the Silk Road and their possible Caucasian physiognomy. Just genotype them please, before claiming the Greek influence on Mogao’s caves art figures.