week 16


Mon: Xenius explored the inextricable link between voice and identity in humans.

Tue: Al-Jazeera traveled to Dagestan to witness the efforts of a senior karate master in training and winning the hearts and minds of the youth … while keeping them out of social turmoil.

Wed: Jardins d’ici anchor walks thru Seville’s 19th-century Maria Luisa park, exceedingly verdant thanks to the Guadalquivir river.

Thu: “Yes, Ve-Gan” documentary is a portrait of the excesses of market capitalism on the, largely healthy and sane, vegetarian diet.

Fri: ZDF stupendous aerial views caught the perfect frames of wild life roaming the North Caucasus mountains, Kalmykian steppes and Dagestani dunes… can’t wait!


week 15


Mon: Xenius exhorted the benefits of a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts anyone?

Tue: Enquetes archeologiques sent us back to the source, Troy. Where else!

Wed: RT James Brown clown walked around North Ossetia Vladikavkaz capital and the towers of the city of the dead in Dargavs.

Thu: Jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs displayed the grandeur of Porto’s Mateus domaine: baroque palace, church, winery and fountain gardens.

Fri: NHK american cyclist Jodo biked his way up the hills of Ehime island in springtime, meeting 90 year old ladies having a post-breakfast siesta…

week 14


Mon: Xenius tackles the “Dementia Numerique”. What if all that e-learning is constraining kids mental development?

Tue: RT “Meeting with Nature” series shows the wild fauna of North Ossetia Alaniya park.

Wed: Enquetes Arqueologiques travels to the Australian archipelago of Dampier to document the rapidly degrading Aboriginal petroglyphs.

Thu: The stone garden of Buddhist Daitoku-ji temple in Kyoto is the quintessence for Zen meditation.

Fri: Curative uses of plants in South America by Guaranis in Misiones province (Argentina) or Quechuas in northern Peru is readily available in local markets. It is a knowledge worth keeping.

week 13


Mon: Xenius explicated how to improve our fascia (connective tissue) with the hope of postponing aches and pains.

Wed: “Faces of Russia” took us to meet the Abazin minority in Cherskessk, the capital of the republic of Karachai-Cherkessia, with their peculiar language so rich in fricative phonology.

Thu: Enquetes archeologiques landed in the so-called Japanese Pompeii, the town of Ichijodani buried by volcanic ashes 400 years ago.

Fri: Le jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs presented the magic of Bali with views of the last king’s floating gardens known as Taman Ujung .


week 12


Mon: From cradle to cradle, the ideal of zero-waste or circular economy, was examined by Xenius reporters. If Paris can do it…

Tue: The gardens, with its fountains and cascade, at Peterhof palace in St. Petersburg facing the gulf of Finland have a very Versailles flavor.

Wed: “Faces of Russia” introduced us to the Adygeans and their tradition of bride kidnapping.  Also a look at the Terek river delta reserve surprised us by its biodiversity.

Thu: The ruins of Tiahuanaco on the shores of lake Titicaca and the initial under water findings by a young archeologists promise to re-write our impressions of this ancient people’s relations with the Incas.

Fri: Entomophagy anyone? Cricket flour could be a palatable alternative to the unsustainable red meat addiction of western societies.



week 11


Mon: Xenius focuses on minimizing housing footprint on the environment. Can we live on a 6.4 square meters box?

Tue: the Jardin series visits the Agdal gardens in Marrakeck, where a sandstone wall tries to keep the Sahara desert at bay.

Wed: “Faces of Russia” stops at Nalchik to meet the Kabardians and their sword skills.

Thu: The archaeological findings of Roman inscriptions at the Nabatean site of Hegra leaves us in awe.

Fri: A biopic on Carl Djerassi (aka: pill man) felt more like an ego trip, although his Californian ranch is enviable.



week 10


Mon: Xenius “prayed to the choir” by telling us about the importance of dark vs. white wheat bread; although, all the market regulations regarding the 4 types of flour that according to their sugar branching chemical composition the EU requires to properly display on each package, sounded like bureaucratic nonsense.

Tue: “Les jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs” made us salivate at the astonishing beauty of the very well preserved valley and gardens of villa Valsanzibio. A must (private) visit. The best insight came from the carved inscription on the steps by the exit ramp: “Over here heaven; over there Venice or hell”.

Wed: NHK took us cycling around the Kumamoto prefecture to enjoy the sights of the land of active volcanoes and made us aware us of the recent earthquakes (2016-04-14) that damaged ancient shinto temples and castles of the area.

Thu: The “Enquetes archeologiques” team went to the African continent to explicate the ancient origins of the Great Zimbabwe walls and the mind boggling carving process of the monolithic christian churches of Lalibela in the highlands of Ethiopia.

Fri: A snapshot of domestic life in rural Bashkiria in the south Ural region looked to us like many other regions we have visited in Russia: it could be a village in Karelia, or Buryatia, or Amuria, or …