week 38


Mon: Xenius ponders the low glycemic index benefits of whole grain flour in bread.

Tue: The Arkadia park gardens in Poland with a purpose built ruined house makes the surrounding greenery truly romantic.

Wed: The insectivore chefs are drifting thru Japan pursuing the eggs and larvae of wasp and hornet bees taken straight from their nests…

Fri: Kuala Lumpur shines with its mixture of malay, indian and chinese communities.



week 37


Mon: Xenius vividly measures how the trunk body temperature can be stable while the extremities can fall below 20C.

Tue: The openness of the Muskau gardens at the border between Germany and Poland as a metaphor for an ideal Europe.

Wed: Insectivores kiddos in Mexico get to overindulge in maggots and Moctezuma’s revenge follows suit.

Thu: The magic city of Muscat has, so far, striked a better balance between modernity and tradition than its neighboring flashy Dubai.

Fri: The cypress tree at the franciscan abbey in the village of Verucchio close to the Adriatic coast of Italy is truly memorable.


week 36


Mon: Xenius visits the Millau viaduct that on the route from Paris to Barcelona crosses over the river Tarn.

Tue: Another impressive green park in the center of a city, the Maksimir gardens of Zagreb.

Wed: The insectivore chefs travel to Australia to gain the Aboriginal knowledge on what underground roots to dig out, and how to crack them open to pick larvae from their interior and grill them.

Thu: Dubai massive and quick urban development gets portrayed as a magic city.

Fri: The humongous plane tree of the Geroplatanos village in Greece is a sight worth the detour.

week 35


Mon: Xenius depicts Homo digitalis as the inevitable cyborg we will all become.

Tue: The Esterhazy gardens as the ultimate sign of good taste separating the nouveau rich from the old money.

Wed: A couple of young chefs try the insect based recipes from east Africa. The termite fat queen did not look very appetizing.

Thu: The magic of Casablanca with its mixture of old quarters and water front corniche makes it a very tempting destination for surfers and non-surfers too.

Fri: A millenarian oleaster tree on Corsica golden coast is reason enough for a trip to the Mediterranean island.


week 34


Mon: Is white lupin the new  protein source super-food?

Tue: Trifonov battles with Chopin piano concerto #2 rearranged by maestro Pletnev

Wed: Meditation is good for you, but can it really repair telomeres???

Thu: A very conservative France faces the challenges of regulating medical cannabis as the rest of Europe adopts it.

Fri: Ch4 reporter on route from Russia to Iran reaches for the mount Damavand¬† (5609 m) high passes and the Caspian sea shoreline…

week 33


Mon: Xenius’ diet plainly put is, have breakfast as a king, lunch as a princess and dinner as a beggar.

Tue: Timbuktu fabled library is finally reached by Alice Morrison on her road trip from Bamako to the Niger river shores.

Wed: Antoine de St. Exupery’s life as an aviator adventurer partly explains his literary oeuvre painting with words endless blue skies.

Thu: 3D-printing is all the hype but, is there any substance behind? Time will tell.


week 32


Mon: Xenius made the case for a connection between heart disease and state of mind, including depression.

Wed: We did not know that the travails of Mata Hari with the German attache at the Madrid embassy during World War I were her undoing.

Thu: Yves Saint Laurent fascinating 40 fashion design seasons (from 1962 to 2002) show his ease at drawing sketches of haute couture … that others had to materialize to exact precision.

Fri: The stagiritas of Georgia’s mountainous interior made their appearance on Ch4 reporter hike across the Caucasus.