week 27


Mon: What made H. sapiens separate from other hominids? Xenius claims is the successful compromise between a baby’s brain size and the female pelvis ability to expand at birth.

Tue: Sarah McKenzie trip to Armenia leads us to discover the zhingyalov flat bread.

Wed: Uwe Johnson upbringing, from Nazi Germany to Communist DDR and later defection to west Berlin, gave him a peculiar angle to describe his impressions on American society after a two year long stay in the poor but cosmopolitan north-west Manhattan of the late ’60s.

Thu: How does the biggest milk cow farm in Russia get to be run by a german entrepreneur? Blame the collateral damage from EU economic sanctions…

Fri: Russian Travel Guide TV channel reporter explored the legends of Adygea by climbing its peaks, exploring its caves, and kayaking the river gorges.



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