week 25


Mon: Xenius showed the impossibly simple art of making beer with water, grains, hops and the secretive yeast strain. A group of fanatics even tried to strictly revive and mimic a 19th century German method including vintage attire and surviving equipment.

Tue: The decaying sanatoriums around the Swiss lakes are a sad picture of the clusters they used to be for inspiration and social experimentation driven by intellectuals like Thomas Mann and Herman Hesse after WWI.

Wed: The “viking” on the loose in rural Georgia was a bit off putting. But the wild nature vistas, friendly village people and bountiful orchard harvest made for a delicious “al fresco” lunch and relaxed post-pandrial dance by a 85 years old peasant.

Thu: How can a husbandry matter upset the social balance in a mountain village? Come to Lahic in Azerbaijan where a European cow import by a young farmer is causing the elderly to call for a ban of the foreign intruder … or was it all metaphorical?

Fri: RT is hell-bent on showing the improved commercial ties of China with Russia and former soviet republics like Kazakhstan. In free-trade zone towns like Horgos or Yining (Uyghur autonomous province)  the results of the new “Silk road” generated wealth are undeniable.


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