week 24


Mon: Xenius taught us about Pacific ocean deep bottom mining of poly-metallic nodules and its environmental disastrous consequences. Believe it or not, down there it is teeming with life.

Tue: A train carriage turned into a mobile hospital riding along the transiberian track delivers much needed help to rural areas, as long as patients find their way to the station. Easier said than done, especially on a brutal winter day.

Wed: The savage viking visits rural Chechnya driving the route from Grozny to Itum-Kale passing by jewels like the 11th century Ushkaloi twin towers, and not stopping!!!

Thu: The ETH, or MIT of Europe, showed its formidable engineering strengths to remedy environmental degradation and ameliorate climate change. Only if the global citizenry gathered their collective willpower towards such a goal, the results would be at hand with minimal social disturbances.

Fri: ARTE 360 degrees report on the Lezgin people of the mountainous village of Kurush at the border between Dagestan and Azerbaijan was astonishing: collecting backyard manure to patch house walls, separating the wheat from the chaff by hand, threading wool into rugs at night with light coming from kerosene lanterns … Footage recorded in 2015.


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