week 23


Mon: Xenius presented the urban nuisance of the noisy crows. Should we deal with the crowds of crows with relocation of their nests or with predatory falcons?

Tue: Androids (human-like robots) are here to stay. And nowhere more so true than in Japan. R’u ready for a “Mazinger Z” real encounter?

Wed: The Finnish traveler leaves finally the helicopter behind and hits the (unpaved) grown of Ingushetia. Too bad he misses the highly scenic medieval tower complex of Egikal and instead heads for Magas outskirts to interview kiddos skateboarding in back alleys.

Thu: The impressions of Austrian journalist Joseph Roth during his trip to the just stabilized Soviet Union in 1926 reveal how effervescent the society was at the time. From the new ascending Jewish bourgeoisie class in Moscow to the pumping oil fields surrounding Muslim Baku. One cannot stop wondering how different that social experiment could have turned out…

Fri: RT documents the futuristic megapolis of Shenzhen, China’s “Silicon Valley”, where robotic platforms park your electric car and while it plugs itself to a recharging station powered by solar panels, you are free to shop around downtown riding on an elevated monorail tram.


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