week 20


Mon: The importance of ocean currents caused by differences in water temperature to the air circulation of the Gulf stream were highlighted by Xenius. Worth noticing how hot water from the Indian ocean meeting cold water from the Atlantic at cape Agulhas feeds the stream.

Tue: Le jardin de Luxembourg are the key to make Paris a livable city.

Wed: The highly innervated human digestive system and its communication with the brain makes one take pause to reflect on “who is in charge”?

Thu: RAI Overland team peregrinates via the Georgian military road from South to North Ossetia. The abandoned town of Dargavs looks like an interesting stop on the way to the quiet capital city of Vladikavkaz.

Fri: RT reported on the Chinese “One road, one belt” commercial project trying to rejoin again China and Europe through terrestrial links (road & rail) via Russia and Kazakhstan.



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