week 19


Mon: Xenius reported on the human microbiome. How does diet influence the composition of the gut microbiota?

Tue: Digital memory is very short lived. It is either getting back to pen-and-paper or jumping to the high density long lasting DNA coding what will be needed to preserve human knowledge.

Wed: NHK took a bike ride along the Akita prefecture. The usual craftsmen appear this time molding tree bark into a cylinder for making a tea leave storage container. However, a surprise was to watch the new generation of kids learning to sing traditional folk songs about fishermen braving the high seas.

Thu: “La Volga en 30 jours” ended with a grand view of the river’s delta expanse and the familiar comment from the Finnish viking traveler that what made the trip worthwhile was the people he met along the way.

Fri: An appreciation of the influence that three tzarines of Prussian origins had on Russia made the case for a better understanding of the relationship between the neighboring empires during a century and a half (1762-1918).


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