week 18


Mon: Xenius tackled the long term health issues of body tattooing, how the ink particles below the dermis with enough time travel and accumulate in the axillary nymph nodes and, how pulsating laser beams applied on the skin can fragment the grains so the immune system, ultimately, degrades them.

Tue: We were introduced to the subject of gastrosophy or the art of mixing agriculture, cuisine, nutrition and pleasure everyday sur la table. Worth noticing that, currently, Wikipedia in English lacks an entry for it while it is available in French, Catalan, Spanish, Italian and German.

Wed: A well rounded portrait of painter Velazquez, his portuguese father, his upbringing in cosmopolitan 17th century Seville, his freedom seeking trips to Rome and his lasting influence on later masters, such as Goya and Picasso.

Thu: “La Volga en 30 jours” series crossed the steppe of the republic of Kalmykia.  The finnish viking-like reporter spotted the almost extinct saiga antelope in the outskirts of Elista, and around the village of Yashkul  found a ger (yurt) and got treated with tea reinforced with camel milk while chatting with nomads of mongolian ancestry in the lingua franca, Russian.

Fri: Like Velazquez before, Goethe got an inspirational kick out of his 2 years Italian trip. Given the endurance needed for the three weeks of carriage ride from the Weimar court to Venice, who could blame him for overstaying his allotted time. And from his remarks about 1780s lively Rome and chaotic Naples, one starts to believe that the cities character has barely changed.


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