week 10


Mon: Xenius “prayed to the choir” by telling us about the importance of dark vs. white wheat bread; although, all the market regulations regarding the 4 types of flour that according to their sugar branching chemical composition the EU requires to properly display on each package, sounded like bureaucratic nonsense.

Tue: “Les jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs” made us salivate at the astonishing beauty of the very well preserved valley and gardens of villa Valsanzibio. A must (private) visit. The best insight came from the carved inscription on the steps by the exit ramp: “Over here heaven; over there Venice or hell”.

Wed: NHK took us cycling around the Kumamoto prefecture to enjoy the sights of the land of active volcanoes and made us aware us of the recent earthquakes (2016-04-14) that damaged ancient shinto temples and castles of the area.

Thu: The “Enquetes archeologiques” team went to the African continent to explicate the ancient origins of the Great Zimbabwe walls and the mind boggling carving process of the monolithic christian churches of Lalibela in the highlands of Ethiopia.

Fri: A snapshot of domestic life in rural Bashkiria in the south Ural region looked to us like many other regions we have visited in Russia: it could be a village in Karelia, or Buryatia, or Amuria, or …




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