week 6

Mon: Xenius highlights the importance of urban and in-house spaces for growing edible plants, as well as, the side effects of the neonicotinoids insecticides on birds and mammals, including us.

Tue: Sarah runs through Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur searching for the hottest chili peppers … and she finds them. Red hot! Noth enough yogurt can quench the burn.

Wed: NHK informs on the travails of the “father” of the bullet train to convince the railway company, government and IMF to fund such high-tech project during the post-WWII era reconstruction.

Thu: We visit the raramuri people with the aid of a mexican female anthropologist doing her PhD field work in the sierra Tarahumara for 6 months. At last we hear some spoken words of the tarahumara language.

Fri: The renaissance of the cossacks running the steppes between the Don and Volga rivers as seen by the eyes of a Christian Orthodox priest attending to the flock with the helping hand of a mini-van is portrayed with nostalgic eyes by the narrator.




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