week 5

Mon: Xenius introduces the importance of epigenetics in the genotype versus phenotype paradigm. And it presents the newest cancer wonder treatment, immunotherapy, to much fanfare and overhype.

Tue: The tribal wives series visits the Raramuri people located in the Sierra Tarahumara. This is a community striking a perilous balance between mexican government subsidies and tourism revenues while adhering to their ancient way of life including own language, cuisine & beverages, shamanic healing ceremonies and sport traditions.

Wed: Sarah Wiener navigates the back waters of Kerala searching for the perfect garam masala spices recipe. It seems a numbing hot taste!

Thu: Joanna Lumley’s last stretch on her tour of Japanese islands includes the Buddhist pilgrimage from temple to temple along Shikoku island and the tropical waters of Okinawa prefecture.

Fri: ARTE reports on the Black Sea coastal resort of Sochi in the summer: The youth camps, the family run bed&breakfast, the state run sanatorium. Unfortunately, very little sand beach space for the lots of people, mainly russian, that visit it seems available. Although the tea tasting boutique shop tucked away in an alley looked agreeable… better escape for the Caucasus mountains just behind.



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