week 4


Mon: Xenius adresses the curcumin health benefits as sponsored by Ayurverdic medicine.

Tue: Sarah Wiener stops in the Indian state of Gujarat to witness the normalcy of an all vegetarian diet. Chutneys with samosas are all the rage but vegetarian dishes do not equate with healthy as plenty of fat finds its way to the plate.

Wed: Les dessous des cartes paints the complex mixture of the Caucasus mountains where the ancient Caucasian, Indo-European and Altaic ethnicities clustered in separate valleys received the geopolitical forces of Christian cossacks, Sunni ottomans and Shia persians. Did I miss to mention the Buddhist Kalmyks of the steppes just to the north?

Thu: The Transoceanica bus finally reaches the beaches of Lima after 7 days from departing Copacabana. Although scheduled to last only five, it is still notable the easiness in crossing the entire continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

Fri: Joanna Lumley takes on Honsu island with the typical helicopter ride above the megapolis of Tokyo, the perennially foggy mount Fuji and the allure of the cherry blossom vistas in springtime Kyoto.


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